Who is Jafar Hejazi?

Jafar Hejazi was born in 1992, Bojnord, Iran. In 2008 he started his artistic activities with stage acting in theaters. In 2010 he moved to Mashhad for studying bachelor of Mechanical engineering at IAUM, where his research focused on performance art and they ways that it overlaps with environmental theater. He started to work as an independent artist in 2012 with ‘Scream & Alef’ a mixed media piece under the effect of Munch’s The Scream and 2009 Iranian presidential election protests. In 2014 he made a piece that named to ‘2nd Law-Entropy’ as an interdisciplinary artist, who studies mechanics but works on art pieces. He started working with internet as a media in his work: ‘Hair Cutting Ceremony of Jafar’.

2nd performance of an idea
Hair cutting ceremony of Jafar

In 2016 he started to study stage directing in M.A at the art university of Tehran. During his time in Tehran he started to learn more about digital art, contemporary dance and the ways of developing artistic ideas. In 2017 he started working on ‘Invisible’ which is not just an artistic project, then in 2018 he continued the project as ‘Invisible or As You Like It or The Data Station or What?’.