I was born in 1992, Bojnord, a small city in the northeast of Iran. The fourth child in my family! I wasn’t good enough at school to be the best student in my class! So, in 2007, I started to learn more about arts, particularly theatre! In 2010, I didn’t know what to do! So, I moved to Mashhad to study a bachelor of Mechanical engineering at IAUM. I wasn’t into mechanics at all, thus, I began to explore new things, such as creative writing, painting and photography.

Meanwhile, I began to expand my knowledge by studying art-related books. Under the influence of my investigations, through books such as Schechner’s Performance Theory and Philosophical Hermeneutics by Gadamer, I started to write down the first artwork ideas.

Showing offff!

Theatre as an art form wasn’t satisfying to me as it has a severe firm, and I couldn’t grasp why people watch a play on stage!? When they can spend time on millions of interactive, exciting, up-to-date projects out there. So, I focused on performance art which was more engaging to me. I started working on little, offhand public performance art projects to be more practical and learn through experience. In 2012, I worked on ‘Scream & A’ which was a Site-Specific piece affected by the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests.

In 2016, after working on some artistic project, I’ve found that I have to spend more time to learn. Studying the MA program in theatre at the Tehran University of Art Perhaps was the best option for me. At that time, I thought that I am out of the box in my projects, but a few people have seen my artworks. I needed to be in touch with a wider range of audience. So, studying/working on internet-based art was a key point in my artistic intuition. From 2016 to now, I have experienced some media like VR and Internet-Bot, and I could enter the most famous theatre festivals in my homeland.

Hair Cutting Ceremony of Jafar

Experiencing multi-national art events has taught me that I need to explore new areas of technology and culture. So, I aim to expand my knowledge in the worlds of technology and art. I believe that we need to introduce alternative forms of art. Can virtual/online worlds be handy?