Hair Cutting Ceremony of Jafar (2016) starts on a Telegram channel in which he narrates an autobiographical story of his life. This is the link of the Telegram channel:

Through this story, he describes various moments of his life in that he wasn’t satisfied with his body because of social norms, and the image of an ideal figure. He shares video, image and voice to the audience on the channel for 20 days. Then he invites the audience (channel subscribers) to the final part of the performance in the physical world.



On that day, every member of the audience gets a piece of paper to read the following text: Maybe, this is not me. This body enclosed me. I have to live within its limits. My body controls me, why can’t I fly with my hands? Do you have the same sense? Do you aim to restrict, hide and control your body? or vice versa?

People write about relationships with their body. Meanwhile, everyone can have an interaction with the performance by cutting Jafar’s hair and narrating his/her story to the other people.  


Hair cutting ceremony

he is cutting my hair