Finger to Finger (2018) is a durational performance art that happens in two worlds at the same time: physical & virtual. The physical world defines urban open spaces, Parks, Pavements, etc. The virtual world of the performance is online chat applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. The body of the artist is available for 12 hours per day in the physical space of the performance and the virtual body is online 24 hours. He is just available for chatting, he can’t speak anymore. He uses a placard for announcing people about his situation, the placard includes this text:

I need people to chat with, do not talk to me, just texting with online friends.

I’m available on WhatsApp: …

The last day of the performance is a Flashmob. The artist invites all his online friends to copy the performance, everyone has a placard and they walk along the street. Hand to Hand, Finger to Finger.

An interview about Finger to Finger!