2nd Law-Entropy

Mechanical engineer + 2nd Law-Entropy = Artist-Reasercher

2nd Law-Entropy(2014) is a site-specific performance about 2nd law of thermodynamics. Entropy is the general trend of the universe toward death and disorder (James R. Newman).

Poster of 2nd law-entropy

A couple living under the garbage dump, after eating fire, woman leaves. a tree hang on a tree. another couple are leaving into a oil barrel. a man saves money as a guard. The thinker thinks all the time, his head covered by diapers.

All natural and technological processes, Proceed in such a way that the availability Of the remaining energy decreases. In all energy exchanges, if no energy Enters or leaves an isolated system, The entropy of that system increases. Energy continuously flows from being Concentrated to becoming dispersed, Spread out, wasted and useless. New energy cannot be created and high grade Energy is being destroyed. An economy based on endless growth is Unsustainable.

Lyrics of a piece of the music that’s  played during the performance