1984 IS NOW


1984 Is Now (2021) is formed on two spaces: the city (physical world) and the internet (virtual world).


A performer with an old cart goes to the city streets, like Raree Show (Iranian Shahre-Farang). He invites people and gives a ride to them while watching a 360-degree video on a VR headset. There are some real-life narratives from various city locations. The main theme of all videos is related to the Iranian younger generation’s desperation, anxiety, and depression. For instance, a girl who got pregnant by her boyfriend narrates the story of abortion, prohibited in the Iranian legal system.


People can watch all of these location-based 360-degree videos and read (or write their own) stories based on map pinpoints on the internet. 


[iframe width=”768″ height=”576″ src=”https://maphub.net/embed/120967?legend=1&panel=1″ frameborder=”0″]


An interview about 1984 is now!